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Real life rocket-man shoots into sky with Torch

The Olympic Torch was shot into the sky this morning by a real-life rocket man as it began its final day in the Midlands.

Crowds gathered at the National Space Centre to watch as stuntman Nick Macomber lifted into the sky using a jet pack which allows him to travel at speeds of up to 80mph.

Nick Macomber handed the Torch to Kevin Davies, the first Torchbearer of day 46 of the Relay.

Today the Torch will travel 78 miles carried by 100 people, the journey today includes two trips on a train and a boat trip.

It's heavy right now, it's full of fuel but as soon as I'm done flying it'll be light, it's a little uncomfortable but you get over it, it's just for a few seconds.

"[It works by] you basically spray hydrogen peroxide into a catalyst pack turns H2O into H and O2 so it's chemical reaction that happens, creates a bunch of steam, thus giving me a little bit of a fun ride there.

"you can go about 1200 feet or a quarter of a mile, 80mph and I've got 23 seconds in this machine with my size right now.

"[The people here] are going to love it and I'm going to enjoy it too myself but most looking forward to grabbing that Torch."

– Nick Macomber - Rocketman

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