1. ITV Report

Weather warning for heavy showers

Cloud and showery rain circulating around Low Pressure Photo: ITV Central

The weather is making the headlines once again for all the wrong reasons, with the potential for localised flooding as more rain and heavy showers head our way.

The Met Office has issued a Yellow Alert for scattered, heavy, slow moving showers throughout today. Low Pressure is to blame as cloud and rain circulate around it.

Today's showery rain is creeping north and eastwards, it isn't all bad news there will be some drier intervals, good news for the one day cricket at Edgbaston although the ground will be wet and slow to dry out.

It's very muggy today with temperatures topping 21c that's 70f.

Expect more rain this evening and tonight and mild temperatures too, it will be a humid night with low of 14c.

Tomorrow should be mostly dry for the West Midlands, just the chance of a few showers in the north. In contrast we can expect showers from the word go in the East Midlands and as the temperature rises there will be some heavy and thundery downpours too.

Tomorrow will feel even warmer than today with highs of 23c.

It is staying unsettled as we head towards and into the weekend with more showers and longer spells of rain to come.