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Bolt's Wolverhampton family say he will win gold

Bolt the fastest man on earth arrives in the Midlands in two weeks time for pre-Olympic training Photo: PA

The Wolverhampton family of Usain Bolt have told Central Tonight they think he'll win gold at London 2012.

In two weeks time, he and the rest of the Jamaica team will be arriving in the Midlands, as part of their pre-Olympic training.

Both the Jamaican and USA track and field team are using Birmingham as their base in the run up to the Olympics.Whilst the team are here, Maureen Davis who is Bolt's second cousin, is hoping to get a lightning visit.

Bolt's second cousin Maureen hopes he will have time to come round for dinner when he arrives in the Midlands Credit: ITV Central

"We were so excited when we found out he was coming to Birmingham. I rang up his mum straight away in Jamaica and said he must come round for dinner! His training schedule is extremely tight, but we hope thatwhile he's here, we might be able to see him briefly."

– Maureen Davis - Bolt's second cousin

Central Tonight took Maureen Davis for a tour around what will be the Jamaicans new home.

For 12 days, the team will eat, sleep and train at Birmingham University.

All the athletes, at the request of the Jamaican team, will be staying in twin bedrooms.

Reporter Charlotte Grant in what could be Bolt's bed, one of the specially made 7ft bed for the tall athletes Credit: ITV Central

Usain Bolt is 6ft 5in, so the University has gone the extra mile and ordered specially made 7ft beds, to make sure all the athletes can get a good night's rest.

Maureen also met Wayne Willis, who will be working alongside a Jamaican chef the team are bringing over, to make sure all the athletes are properly fuelled during their stay.

Usain Bolt famously put his Beijing glory down to chicken nuggets the night before.

But whilst the Jamaicans are in Birmingham, they'll be offered Caribbean cuisine, complete with the traditional - jerk chicken.Chef Wayne Willis told us;

Maureen with Wayne Willis, who will be working alongside a Jamaican chef the team are bringing over. Credit: ITV Central

"There will be jerk chicken, Caribbean goat, there's a lot of plantain dishes, there's Johnny cakes, there's just an absolute array of different foods going which is great."

– Chef Wayne Willis

There will also be a games room at the University, where the world's fastest men can take things more slowly.

There will be games consoles and table football, there is even a special request, for dominoes.

An old Caribbean past-time and one Usain Bolt is fond of.

On the track where Usain Bolt will train, Maureen told Central Tonight that she thinks he can win gold again.

In Beijing, Bolt became a triple gold champion, in Berlin, he broke two world records, so in London he has a lot to live up to.

"I'm very confident that he'll be able to do it.

"I'm sure he'll have something up his sleeve for London.

"His mum told me he had been training very hard recently. "It'll be a great achievement if he wins gold, especially if he breaks the world record once more. "All the family are very proud of him."

– Maureen Davis - Bolt's second cousin

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