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Man considers suicide after passport mix-up

A mix-up between a passport and visa has left Richard homeless. Photo: ITV News

A man from Lincoln who's been left homeless and jobless after a mix up with his passport says the ordeal has left him suicidal.

Richard Crowe was born in America but has lived here for more than 50 years. Despite having permission to stay indefinitely he was mistakenly given a six month visa stamp after a recent holiday. When he tried to get the problem sorted out, officials told him he 'doesn't exist' on their systems.

"Nobody will admit that they've made a mistake," says Richard. "That's left me completely in limbo. Now, you imagine to yourself, you've got no money and no job, what am I going to do? Go out and rob somebody? The whole thing's preposterous." Richard's friend, Rebecca, and her partner are helping him with living expenses but they say there've been times when they've feared for his welfare. They also say that, despite sending letters to their MP, they are no further forward.

"Nobody will admit that they've made a mistake. That's left me completely in limbo. The whole thing's preposterous."

– Richard Crowe

The Borders Agency says Richard should apply for a no time limit visa, but he says he shouldn't have to pay for the cost of that when it wasn't his mistake to start with. In the meantime, he wants to continue his work as an author but he says it's difficult while his life remains in limbo.