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'Disappointment' over funding of long term elderly care

New plans for long term elderly care have been unveiled but they won't be put in place until 2015 Photo: ITV Central

Pensioners and charities in the Midlands have been giving their views on reforms to social care being unveiled today.

The main change is that the elderly moving into residential care will be given state loans so they do not have to sell their property immediately.

The scheme being introduced across England in 2015, is intended to help around 40,000 people each year who are forced to sell their homes to cover care costs.

It comes after it emerged that cross-party talks on the issue had broken down after ministers made clear funding decisions would not be taken until next year's spending review.

Sally Huband, Chief officer, at Age UK, Dudley welcomed the fact that the issue was now being discussed but said it was disappointing that no real decisions had yet been made about how to pay for the proposals.

She said: "The Dilnot Commission reported last July. It's now July again and we're just talking about it again and it could be next year with the Comprehensive Spending Review when we are starting to make decisions.

"It's such a long time we've been talking about it, it feels like years and I think it sends out the message that it's not important."

A panel of Midlands MPs will be discussing the new plans on The Lobby at 11.35pm tomorrow evening on ITV1

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