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Dairy farmers hope for change as Ministers meet today

Some farmers are having to cull healthy animals as they can no longer afford to keep them Photo: ITV Central

Dairy farmers who have held protests about getting a fairer price for their milk are hoping for a breakthrough when Ministers meet later today.

The National Farming Union has warned that some supermarkets don't pay their members enough to cover their costs of production for milk.

There were further blockades at processing plants in Shropshire, Worcestershire and Derbyshire over the weekend.

Last week, Midlands dairy farmers protested across the country blockading dairy plants with their lorries and handing out free milk to customers outside of supermarkets.

The Vice-Chairman of Farmers For Action Andrew Hemming says more action is to be carried out until the government respond to their calls for change.

Andrew Hemming, Vice-Chairman of Farmers For Action Credit: ITV Central

Unfortunately it looks like over the next few days we shall have to carry on doing these blockades and disruption around various plants in the country until they come to the table and talk sense."

– Andrew Hemming, Vice-Chairman of Farmers For Action

They were calling on the government to bring in legislation to help them counter what they say is an attack on their livelihoods.

They said further cuts to the amount they receive per litre of milk will drive them out of business.

Midlands dairy farmer Anthony Gibbs told Central News that later today he is being forced to cull some of his herd as he cannot afford to keep them, adding that it is beyond frustrating having to kill animals in their prime but he is without a choice.

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