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Family of Leicestershire man whose remains were found under Cheadle flyover attend inquest

Vinny Derrick's remains were discovered under a flyover in Cheadle Photo: ITV Granada

The family of a man from Leicestershire, whose remains were found beneath a major road more than eight years after he vanished, are attending his inquest.

Vinny Derrick disappeared in August 2003, after a night out with friends. His remains were discovered under a flyover in Cheadle.

Pathologists concluded that he could have fallen some distance or been hit by a vehicle.

Vinny's wife Vicki Derrick was the first witness to give evidence to the inquest.

She broke down in tears at the Coroner's Court as she says her husband "idolised" their son and they waved Vinny off to work the day he went missing.

"It was about 8 o'clock, we saw Vinny off at the door. That was the last time I saw him."

– Vinny's wife Vicki Derrick

Vinny's wife last spoke to him at 9pm that night. He phoned to "check in" on her and their young son. He was out and "having a good time."

Vicki Derrick began to worry when Vinny didn't come home after his night out. She texted and called him: "His phone was just ringing out."

Workmates who were out with him the night he vanished, said there was nothing unusual in their night out.

The flyover in Cheadle where Vinny Derrick was found Credit: ITV Granada

Vinny's former boss, Julie Jones, from the freight company where he worked, told the inquest he was "hard working."

Julie Jones says Vinny was meant to stay in her spare room after their night out. She says he seemed his "normal self" but never arrived.

Ms Jones said she went looking for Vinny as the group he was with left a club late that night in Manchester but he didn't go with them, as he was enjoying himself.

She said he phoned her later to say he'd got out of a cab to her house because he feared the driver was ripping him off.

Julie Jones told the coroner that Vinny was trying to walk to her place. He then phoned to say: "I'm on a dual carriageway".

Stockport Coroner's Court then heard from a pathologist who said Vinny's remains, found beneath a motorway flyover in Cheadle, were bones, several of which were fractured.

Vinny's right leg and arm were shattered, as was his pelvis.

The pathologist said Vinny was most likely walking along the motorway and "climbed or jumped over" the barrier, falling to his death below.

The inquest continues.