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Jetstream slips southwards again, so more showers and rain

Close to Southwell racecourse Photo: Stephen Clarridge

Savour any blue skies you see because it is turning changeable again over the next few days.

The Jetstream has slipped southwards again, so we expect more showers and rain this coming week.

Also, having enjoyed the hottest day of the year so far this week - or endured it; hot weather isn’t for everyone - it’s turning much cooler than of late, and we’re back to ‘normal’. Whatever that may be in this changing climate.

Showers get going quickly Credit: ITV Central

This morning the showers get going quickly. They’ll be fairly light in nature, affecting first of all mostly the north and west of the Midlands and then spreading across the region more generally.

Scattered sharp showers Credit: ITV Central

This afternoon there will be some hefty, sharper showers but we will probably escape any thunder. Expect a brisk wind also, especially in the north Midlands. It will feel quite a different to how it has done of late.

If you are observing Ramadan the sun sets tonight at 9.02pm.

High pressure briefly builds on Monday. More rain on Tuesday Credit: ITV Central

On Monday, a flat ridge of high pressure builds in giving dry, bright weather. Any showers will be few & far between and most likely in the north such as they are.

Tuesday, we expect rain from the SW by morning, then spells of rain likely throughout the day. Cloudy.

Wednesday, still raining as a cold front moves through. It should be cloudy and wet at first; drying out from the west through the afternoon, temperatures climbing and close to normal for a while so feeling a touch warmer for a time.


Today: low

Monday: moderate

Tuesday & Wednesday: low

Grass pollen season is on the wane.