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Real-ale lover lands 'Titanic' job at Stoke-on-Trent brewery

Jake Oulsnam has got what some might think is the best apprenticeship in the UK. He's a trainee brewer at Burslem's Titanic Brewery in Stoke.

Jake Oulsnam at the brewery this morning Credit: ITV Central

He's benefitting from the Government's drive to encourage firms to take on apprentices.

He's paid by the Titanic brewery to learn his craft over the next year, and the brewery gets the support from a government-backed business to put his apprentice training scheme together.

Jake, who's 23, was keen to work in the food or drink industry and wanted to learn a skill hands on rather than spend three years at university.

A pint of the real ale being poured at a pub in Stoke-on-Trent Credit: ITV Central

And he put in some research of his own before finding the job with Titanic - he cycled around the UK taste-testing real ales to begin building up an encyclopaedic knowledge of small guest beers.

This is the first apprentice the brewery has taken on. Titanic was formed in 1985.

It now employs 22 in the brewery and a further 120 in the six pubs it owns.

It produces 2.5 million pints a year.