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Wolverhampton Gymnast sets British Olympic record

Kristian Thomas setting a new British Olympic record Photo: PA Pictures

Wolverhampton-born gymnast, Kristian Thomas, has set a new British record in the all-around event last night.

The 23-year-old finished in seventh place, the highest position for a UK athlete competing in an individual all-rounder Olympic event.

Kristian Thomas performing part of his routine Credit: PA Pictures

Kristian has taken the title from Neil Thomas who finished in 20th-place at the Barcelona Games in 1992 and Daniel Keatings four years ago in Beijing.

The record for the individual event follows a bronze medal won at Monday's team final event that Kristian is part of.

Kristian Thomas wins bronze with his gymnastic team on Monday Credit: PA Pictures

"It's been a great experience. Doing such a big, high-tariff vault sometimes it will go one way, sometimes it will go the other way, which it did today. It's one of those things.

– Kristian Thomas, Team GB Gymnast
Kristian Thomas, mid-air, at last night's event Credit: PA Pictures

The media attention that Kristian has received as a result of his record has come as a welcome surprise to the unassuming Olympian. He's confident that he can continue his success.

"I wasn't coming here expecting to win an all-around medal so I've got to take the positives from everything else I did today."

– Kristian Thomas, Team GB Gymnast

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