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Dog detects owner's cancer

Sharon Rawlinson with her dog, Penny Photo: ITV Central News

A woman from Newark has described her dog as a guardian angel after it sniffed out a cancerous lump.

Sharon Rawlinson only went to the doctor because her King Charles spaniel had been nuzzling the area where the tumour was growing.

Following the lead of her dog, Sharon eventually visited a GP.

Doctors soon realised that she had an aggressive tumour in her breast, after Sharon's dog had made it clear to her

Since then, Sharon has had six rounds of chemotherapy and an operation earlier this week to remove the tumour.

She says that Penny - her Spaniel - saved her life.

Now Sharon is urging other women to check themselves regularly.

The message really is we have got an amazing dog but the biggest message is there's lots of ladies out there that might be in a situation that think, 'Oh. I'll just leave it a little while longer and a little while longer'. Just pluck up the courage and go and check it out and if you're not OK, at least you can get things sorted in time

– Sharon Rawlinson