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'Lucky dip' at Derbyshire petrol pumps

Some petrol pumps in Derby have been giving out more than expected Photo: PA Pictures

Some drivers in Derby have been getting a 'lucky dip' when filling up with petrol, with some pumps giving out more than 4% petrol than shown on the pump, that's according to the AA.

This is effectively a 6p-a-litre gift to drivers.

Trading Standards officers reported discrepancies at 11 of the 216 nozzles in Derby

The AA said an EU ruling that will eventually force retailers to upgrade forecourt equipment to meet the new Measuring Instruments Directive, coming into force by the end of October 2016, had created an incompatibility problem for forecourts with a mix of ageing and newer pumps.

Some drivers have been benefiting from a lucky dip at the pumps, getting more fuel than they pay for.

However, crippling pump prices have produced desperation among poorer drivers, particularly those trying to get by on £10, £20 or £30 weekly fuel spends that their family budgets can barely afford.

Petrol this week averaged 134.17p a litre - two years ago, it was 116.60p.Inevitably, some motorists are watching their gauges like hawks and complaining to Trading Standards.

– AA president Edmund King