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Birmingham fugitive in Top 20 of most wanted tax criminals

Hussain Asad Chohan is a smuggler and fraudsterHussain Asad Chohan is a smuggler and fraudster who is believed to be in Dubai Photo: HMRC

A tax fugitive from the Midlands is among twenty fraudsters who have been publicly exposed for the first time by HM Revenue & Customs.

Hussain Asad Chohan is a smuggler and fraudster. He had a court warrant issued from Birmingham Crown Court after failing to appear in court for his part in a £200 million fraud.

The 44 year old, who has UK and Pakistan dual citizenship, imported 2.25 tonnes of tobacco worth £750,000 in duty alone.

In his absence he has been found guilty and sentenced to 11 years in prison for smuggling, fraud offences and failing to appear in court. Chohan has also been served with a £33 million confiscation order.

It is thought he may now be living in Dubai. HMRC has published pictures of Britain's twenty most wanted tax criminals online as part of a new appeal asking for the public's help in tracing them.

Collectively they have conned the exchequer out of £765 million.

People with information on the fugitives should contact the HMRC hotline on 0800 595 000 or via Crimestoppers website.

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