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Weather will turn fresher this week, with an unsettled run up to the Bank Holiday

Stanton Moor, Derbyshire Photo: John Dunstan

This weekend was the warmest of the year so far, but it's turning fresher this week, cooler but not cold. It will also be unsettled.

The hottest UK-wide temperature this weekend was recorded in Cavendish, Suffolk at 32.4c.

In the Midlands, our hotspot was Wittering where sizzling temperatures yesterday matched those of the 24th July at 28.8c.

We are of course careering towards another Bank Holiday and it's not looking great at present, but that could all change of course.

In the meantime today, there are one or two showers around at present, but they should push NE this afternoon so it'll turn out mostly dry with bright or sunny spells.

Any showers today will be very few and far between with light winds and highs of 22 or 23c, 73f. Down on our weekend values, but still warm.

This evening any showers will die away so tonight should be mainly dry with variable cloud amounts and clearer slots. Mist reforming in places.

It will not feel as humid as last night, lows in the more comfortable range of 13 or 14c.

Tomorrow starts cloudy, especially the further east you are.

Through the afternoon, skies brighten from the west where there will be a good scattering of showers which could be potent and frequent.

The East Midlands should just stay cloudy all day. Where cloud is thick enough it will produce some spits of rain, temperatures tailing off day by day at 20 or 21c.

Wednesday, a good scattering of showers with increasing winds so showers rattle through quite quickly.

Thursday starts fair, bright and dry but thickening cloud from the west brings rain overnight into Friday which will be unsettled for all parts, with showery bursts of rain, some heavy and prolonged.

The Bank Holiday looks like being unsettled at this stage.