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Stoke City Council sell off houses for £1

Empty houses stand waiting for owners Photo: ITV Central

Stoke-on-Trent City Council have released plans for a new scheme that would give families the chance to buy a house for £1.

It's part of a bid to get 35 empty properties being used again and is aimed at households that already live and work in Stoke-on-Trent and are struggling to get a mortgage because of their incomes.

Successful families would have to demonstrate that they are working and commit to living in the house for at least five years.

"It's a way of giving good, family sized houses to be people who want to live and work in the city. It's a way of regenerating the area and also giving people the chance to get a step on the housing lader."

– Janine Bridges, Cabinet member for Housing, Neighbourhoods and Community Safety
Nearly 5,000 houses stand empty in Stoke Credit: ITV Central

A loan of up to £30,000 would be granted to complete a list of work that needs doing to bring the property back to a decent living standard. Cabinet are being asked to consider and match the grant of £1.5million to finance the project.

It's hoped getting houses lived will help regenerate the area Credit: ITV Central

The aim is to bring a total of 124 properties back into use and improve the overall appearance of the city, while also reducing crime and increasing the housing supply.

Nearly 5,000 homes currently stand empty in Stoke and if the plans are agreed by Cabinet, the City Council will need to consult residents in the area to take the project forward.