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Low pressure dominates for much of the week

Low pressure dominates for much of the week Photo: ITV Central

Today will turn out to be very wet and windy, but this morning starts with a bit of a west / east split.

The East Midlands will enjoy sunshine for a while and it should stay dry.

Rain pushing in from the west, bright in the east for a time Credit: ITV Central

The West Midlands is seeing thickening cloud and by 9am or 10am we expect spits and spots of rain to be getting into the region.

By lunchtime it will generally be cloudy and increasingly breezy from the south.

Heavy rain in places, strong winds, gusts 35-40mph Credit: ITV Central

Rain should reach all parts this afternoon and by mid-afternoon the rain will be lighter and more showery in the East Midlands, heavier in the West Midlands with locally strong winds, gusts of 35-40mph, and heavy rain over high ground.

Be aware that localised flooding cannot be ruled out in places, particularly in the north of the region, so expect surface water and spray on roads, though this is mainly for parts of the Peak District.

The difference between the rain today and that on Saturday is that on Saturday it was mainly very sharp showers with lots of hail and thunder. Today we are talking an organised band of rain.

The rain clears this evening and things are looking up for Tuesday.

Lighter showers Tuesday, heavier showers midweek Credit: ITV Central

In fact Tuesday will be a big improvement on Monday, a SW’erly breeze, sunshine and only a few showers.

The showers pep up again though on Wednesday, heavy ones in places.

Thursday looks more promising as high pressure starts to build from the west and – at this stage – although low pressure dominates for much of the week, it’s looking better and less volatile for the coming weekend.