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Sunshine and showers

There is an autumnal hint to the weather creeping in now and the start and end of the day, and the evenings are starting to draw in. However there is no significant change as far as the forecast is concerned, remaining with the now familiar patter of sunshine and showers. Today's showers will not be too heavy, but tomorrow the rain will be more significant with some thunder mixed in as well.

THIS AFTERNOON Credit: ITV Central/Met Office


In the sunshine it will be a pleasant afternoon, and there will be plenty of sunny spells around. Temperatures slightly above the average for the time of year, peaking at around 21 degrees celsius. In places though throughout the afternoon the cloud will produce some rain.


Heavier rain will move in from the West overnight affecting mainly the West Midlands. The East Midlands will stay dry with clear skies and some cloud.


A very wet start to the day with heavy thundery downpours and the odd brighter spell.


More gaps in the cloud will develop, creating more sunny spells. There will still be plenty of heavy downpours around though, and temperatures down slightly with a high of around 17 or 18 celsius.


More showers on Thursday. Looking drier for Friday and the weekend so far.