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Motorists being offered road safety awareness sessions instead of prosecution for offences.

The Fatal 4 Campaign Photo: ITV Central

Motorists in Leicestershire who are caught speeding, drink-driving, using a mobile phone or not wearing seatbelts, will today be asked to complete road safety awareness sessions instead of facing prosecution. It's part of Leicestershire's Road Policing Unit's FATAL4 campaign, which is now in its second year.

The road safety clinics take about half an hour and the idea is to educate motorists on the danger they are putting themselves and others in. They'll be shown a road safety video and given advice.

Most of those caught will be offered the chance to do the safety clinics but repeat offenders, excessive speeders and those who've not belted up children will NOT be exempt from prosecution.

Today's session will take place at Blaby but similar ones have been run throughout Leicestershire and Rutland this year.

The Fatal 4 campaign Credit: ITV Central