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Teenager sisters rescued from sea by Prince William

Prince William manned helicopter sent to rescue sisters Photo: 5 News

Two sisters have thanked Prince William for saving their lives after they were swept out to sea. Sharon and Tamara West from Weston Beggard near Hereford were on holiday in Wales when they got into trouble.

Sharon and Tamara West Credit: 5 News

Sharon and Tamara were bodyboarding when they swept out to sea off the the Welsh coast. The sea helicopter sent out to rescue the pair was manned by no other than Prince William

It took the Prince and his crew just 38 seconds to reach the teenagers.

Flight lieutenant Wales as he is known in the RAF piloted the aircraft while his colleague Harry Harrison pulled the older sister Sharon out of the water.

13-year-old Tamara had been saved by a surfer and was picked up by the crew.

Two years ago prince william graduated as a RAF search and rescue pilot. He completed his training at RAF Valley the year before. He only qualified to take command of a sea king helicopter a few months ago.

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