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Warm and sunny week ahead

Sunshine bursting through the cloud Photo: By Paul Wilde in Redditch

As the schools go back, the sun comes out... typical!

We have a dry and sunny week ahead of us, just a slight blip overnight tonight and tomorrow.

Currently High Pressure is sitting to the south and Low Pressure to the north, the high will dominate for much of this week giving us the settled conditions.

Pressure Chart showing the High and Low Pressure systems Credit: ITV Central

Today expect blue sky and sunshine, the wind will be light and temperatures will hit 22c/23c. Tonight that Low Pressure will push a weather front southwards and the cloud will build in northern counties. It is here we are likely to catch a few spots of light rain overnight.

Elsewhere it will be dry with patchy cloud. Temperatures will dip to 13/14c overnight so not too cold.

Tomorrow morning will be cloudy with outbreaks of patchy rain as that weather front continues to travel southwards. It will be an improving picture in the afternoon and all of us will enjoy dry and sunny conditions. Temperatures will reach 22c.

It will warm up even further for the weekend so don't put the bbq away just yet, highs of 24c possible!

Warm weekend ahead Credit: ITV Central

Here's how it's shaping up for the rest of the week....

WEDNESDAY: Dry, sunny spells, highs of 20c

THURSDAY: Dry and fine, highs of 21c

FRIDAY: Sunny and warm, 23c