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Dry and sunny for the next few days

Dry and sunny spells on the way Photo: ITV Central

High pressure is building as we move towards the weekend giving us a hot and sunny Saturday to look forward to!

The rest of this week looks good too although there will be some cloud at times.

High pressure is building as we move towards the weekend Credit: ITV Central

Today a Cold Front will sink southwards, it's a fairly weak affair so we are expecting it to stay dry, but it will be cloudy. Temperatures will hit 21c that is 70f.

The weather front will clear the region through this evening taking the cloud with it to leave us with clear skies overnight and a chillier feel than last night.

Expect temperatures in single figures.

Tomorrow will be quite fresh to begin with but with plenty of sunshine through the morning. The cloud will bubble up slightly in the afternoon and as the wind is coming in from the north, it will feel cooler than today with highs of 19c.

Tomorrow morning will be fresh Credit: ITV Central

Temperatures will improve from Thursday onwards and by the time we get to Friday and Saturday we can expect the dizzy heights of 23/24c and lots of sunshine too.