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Former Stoke City youth player found guilty of murder

Andrew Hall will serve a life sentence for murdering 15-year-old Mehan-Leigh Peat Photo: PA

A former Stoke City Academy player who pled guilty to the murder of a 15-year-old girl from Bedfordshire has been given a life sentence.

Eighteen-year-old Andrew Hall from Flitwick, admitted killing Mehan-Leigh Peat at a house on Ailesbury Road in Ampthill on 9 June 2012.

He made the plea at Luton Magistrates Court this morning and was sentenced this afternoon.

Megan-Leigh Peat was found stabbed at a house in Ampthill, Bedfordshire. Credit: PA

Megan-Leigh Peat was found stabbed at the house in Ailesbury Road, Ampthill, after emergency services were called to the property.

Judge Richard Foster told the court that the schoolgirl's life ended in Hall's hands. Hall was released from the Stoke City Football Academy at the end of last season.

"Megan Peat will never experience the thrill and success of exam results, going on to higher education, or perhaps being a bridesmaid at a best friend's wedding or an 18th birthday party."

"Her life ended in your hands at 15 years old."

"Only you know why you did what you did that night and what the catalyst was for such a ferocious attack.

"It is clear you were jealous of her innocent friendships with others."

– Judge Richard Foster

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