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Glorious Saturday. Some mist tonight

Chatsworth House Photo: Paul Blackwell

Blue skies across the Midlands for the remainder of today so check the 'use by' date on your suncream and dust off that embarrassingly large, floppy sunhat from the back of the wardrobe.

Mainly fine, sunny and warm Credit: ITV Central

Some mist and fog was rather stubborn to clear from the SW of the region this morning so we may be talking a touch more patchy cloud for this area this afternoon, but otherwise it will be sunny and warm, 25 to 26c 79f through the East Midlands. Slightly cooler further west.

Mostly clear, not too cold. Patchy mist especially in the West Midlands Credit: ITV Central

Tonight we expect clear skies, some mist and fog developing but it will not be as extensive as last night. The West Midlands may be more prone as well as the Bristol Channel area.

Not especially cold, feeling much like last night.