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Teenager leads march against heart surgery unit closure

March on Belgrave Road Photo: Jane Hesketh

A 14-year-old girl from Leicester has led a march today against the closure of the children's heart surgery unit at Glenfield hospital.

Ria Pawah was born with a rare heart defect and says her life has been saved many times by the doctors and nurses at Glenfield.

She's had seven heart operations, suffered a cardiac arrest and an angina attack.

Ria believes if it wasnt for the world renowned surgery team, then she simply wouldnt be here.

Glenfield was one of three centres across the country picked to close following a health service review into the provision of children's heart services across the country.

It was decided that fewer larger centres would provide the best service for patients.

51 thousand people have signed a petition urging the former Health Secretary Andrew Lansley to reconsider. Now a joint letter from Leicestershire and Rutland County Councils and Leicester City Council has been sent to the newly appointed Health Minister Jeremy Hunt asking him to reconsider Glenfields future.

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