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Trending on Twitter over 500 years since his death, who is King Richard III?

Richard III society plaque Photo: University of Leicester

Born in the 1400s, the last English King to die in battle, and more than 500 years later - he's trending on Twitter. So who is Richard III?

Born on 2nd October 1452, Richard was the youngest child of Richard, third duke of York and the Duchess of York, Cecily.

By the age of eight, he lost his father and elder brother, when they died at the Battle of Wakefield.

The following year, Richard's eldest brother became king - as King Edward IV.

In the early 1460s, Richard became Duke of Gloucester, training for a knighthood under his cousin the Earl of Warwick.

Later he was appointed governor of the north of England, and in 1472 he married his wife Anne Neville.

In the 1480s, Richard led a successful campaign against the Scots.

Months later, after the death of Edward IV, it was revealed that the children of the deceased king were illegitimate.

Richard was asked to to assume the throne as rightful heir.

He was crowned at Westminster Abbey on 6 July 1483.

People opposing this led a rebellion, calling for the throne to return to the exiled Lancastrian pretender, Henry Tudor.

After a year and half of peaceful rule, the two sides met at the Battle of Bosworth in 1485, Richard died in battle, and was the last English king to do so.

Today the University of Leicester announced exciting new finds in the search for King Richard III's body.

They say that if the remains found are that of King Richard III, Leicester could be part of an "historic moment".

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