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Mental health conference held for Sikh community

Sikh mental health conference Photo: ITV Central

A conference aimed at raising awareness about mental health issues within Sikh and other South Asian communities has been held in Birmingham.

The conference looked at the stigma, superstitions and discrimination surrounding mental health issues within the Sikh, Punjabi and South Asian communities.

Sikh mental health conference Credit: ITV Central

The organisers used the power of faith, professionals, patients and careers to ensure the message was made clear.

"We want to send out a loud and clear message to the Sikh, Punjabi and South Asian communities that there is nothing to fear or be ashamed about. Mental illness affects all communities regardless of age, creed, gender, nationality or status"

– Singh Bahra

With timely access and appropriate supports available, people can recover completely or can manage the illness and go on to live full and fulfilling lives.

Sadhu Singh Gill, Sikh mental health conference organiser says that help is always available.