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Tonight will be cooler than last night and will remain settled

Concord shaped cloud over Coventry Airport Photo: William Round

Tonight will be mostly dry and uneventful. Feeling a lot cooler than last night, lighter winds than today, lows around 10c 50f.

Tonight, settled Credit: ITV Central

Tomorrow morning we'll see cloud filtering across from the west but not a bad start to the weekend.

Saturday is definitely the better day of the two. It's a weekend of two halves.

Saturday Morning Credit: ITV Central

A few bits of rain are possible later on out of the thicker cloud in the NW over higher ground, but generally we are just talking about thicker cloud.

Winds will be much of a muchness, light and of no concern. Best temperatures around 19c in the sun, 66f, but more depressed under any cloud.

On Sunday, a frontal system pushes through to bring more cloud from the west. It should clear during the afternoon and evening, highs of 20c 68f.