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University of Nottingham student captures images twenty miles above earth with second hand camera

A student from The University of Nottingham has captured images above the earth on a £200 budget.Adam Cudworth from Worcestershire, used a second hand camera and a balloon to capture images, 110,210 ft (20 miles) above the Earth.

Worcester from the sky Credit: Adam Cudworth

Adam says the project was a 'bit of a hobby', and he used what he'd learnt from his A-Level physics, as well as experience from his university degree to carry it out.

“A couple of years ago I came across photos that showed the ‘blackness’ of space and curvature of the Earth, to my amazement they had been taken using a similar setup to mine. So, I set myself the challenge to do a similar project to capture even better photos. “After a few years in preparation, navigating the various regulations and a little trial and error, the £30 Canon A570 camera captured some fantastic photos.”

– Adam Cudworth, student
Small bit of Uphampton, launch Site bottom (mid-right) Credit: Adam Cudworth

Adam used a GPS system to monitor the flight and retrieve the camera once it had returned to earth.

Adam created this google map to show the route of the flight Credit: Adam Cudworth/Google Maps

“I think it is quite incredible what Adam has accomplished on such a small budget, and on his own initiative, he is to be congratulated.”

– Terry Moore, Professor of Satellite Navigation at the University of Nottingham

All of Adam's images can be found on his Flickr page, and a video of the flight can be seen on Youtube.

This video was uploaded to Youtube by cuddykid.