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Debate on what to do with the possible remains of Richard III intensifies

King Richard III Photo: University of Leicester

The debate is intensifying over what should happen to what are believed to be the remains of King Richard III.

Among the growing callers for them to remain in Leicester is a woman from neighbouring Warwickshire with a special reason for wanting her voice heard.

Karen Price, from Nuneaton, has proof she has descended from the House of York back in the 1400s thanks to her friend, Keith Clarke, whose fascination for tracing family history has paid real dividends. He found official documents which show Karen can be traced back to The Plantagenet Dynasty and the House of York.

Karen thinks the remains should stay in the city where he has lain for the past 500 years and that he should not be transferred to York or Westminster Abbey.

Archaeologists in Leicester believe the bones found under a car park are likely to be his, but it will be some months before there's absolute confirmation.

Experts think he was buried on the site of the Grey Friars Monastery after being defeated at the Battle of Bosworth in 1485.

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