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Shropshire man may have smuggled police murder weapon

Police are investigating whether police murder weapon was smuggled by Shropshire's Steven Greenoe Photo: ITV Central

The gun used in the murder of two unarmed police officers in Manchester on Tuesday may have come from a collection of firearms smuggled to Britain from the United States by a Shropshire man, The Times reports.

Police are now investigating whether the weapon recovered from the scene of the murders of PCs Fiona Bone and Nicola Hughes was one of those trafficked by Steven Greenoe.

Steven Greenoe, a former US Marine was sentenced to ten years in jail in January this year, for a major gun-smuggling operation.

Greenoe, who lived in Shrewsbury, illegally transported scores of weapons from America into the UK, on commercial transatlantic flights.

Police found some of the weapons at his home, many others are believed to be in the hands of criminal gangs.

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