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A fine day today, but turning wet and windy tomorrow

Hem Heath Woods, Stoke-on-Trent Photo: Alan Walker

Autumn Equinox today and for the official start of Autumn it's a cold, bright, sunny day. Good timing!

Really chilly last night too with lows of 1.6c in Church Lawford, 1c in Coton in the Elms and generally temperatures between 1 and 2c.

All downhill tomorrow, but for the rest of today, fine and bright, but feeling cool out of the sun. Light winds, tops 15c 59f.

Offshoot from the remains of Tropical Storm Nadine heading towards us from the SW Credit: Met Office

Now the remnants of Tropical Storm Nadine are down over the Azores, but an offshoot of this is heading towards us, laden with cloud and moisture, and this will bring a very wet and windy afternoon tomorrow. The worst period in fact will be Sunday night into the Monday morning rush hour.

Tonight, not as cold as last night as there will be a little more cloud around, but still nippy, 7c under clearer skies further north, 10c under thickening cloud to the south