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Future of Richard III site

The site of a grave thought to be that of King Richard III is due to remain open so further investigation and interpretation can take place.

Human remains thought at the moment to be those of the last Plantagenet king, who was killed in battle in 1485, were discovered by a team of archaeologists from the University of Leicester earlier this month.

The skeleton is currently undergoing DNA testing to help establish whether the team really has discovered the long-lost grave of the king, within the grounds of the former Grey Friars church.

The section of trench where the bones were discovered will now be kept open and covered by a protective tent, until a further decision on how best to preserve the site is made.

"We are committed to developing plans so that visitors in future will be able to understand and interpret the site and appreciate its importance in Leicester's history, so preserving and presenting the grave site properly is a key part of that."

– Leicester City Mayor Peter Soulsby

Some of the other trenches containing the most fragile medieval evidence, such as areas where mortar from the original tiled cloister floor is still visible, will be infilled to preserve them and protect them from exposure to wet and cold weather.

Infilling of the trenches had been delayed to allow visitors to see for themselves the ongoing work.

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