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Celebrating Pershore's community spirit

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Number 8 is a thriving Community Arts Centre run by the people of Pershore. It provides arts and leisure activities to the local community, run by the local community.

It was kick-started by a grant from the Pershore Market Town Partnership which celebrates its ten year anniversary today. The scheme aimed to organise projects which improve quality of life in the area.

Theatre at "Number 8" Credit: "Number 8" community arts centre"

The council gave Number 8 a building, and although the project leaders relied on a grant to get started, they're now fully independent. Organisers have raised and invested over £2 million in "Number 8". The centre shows films, live music, theatre and dance, and events beamed in via satellite, like ballet performances in London.

"Number 8" auditorium Credit: "Number 8" community arts centre"

In ten years the centre has gained charitable status and is now governed by a Board of Trustees, managed by a team of three paid staff, two part-time casual staff and over 200 volunteers.

"Number 8" art gallery Credit: "Number 8" community arts centre"