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Cupboards are bare for food charity

The Food bank charity is struggling to meet the demands of providing food for people Photo: ITV Central

A charity that provides free food parcels to people on very low incomes or benefits, says it struggling to keep up with the demand.

The Joseph Storehouse project which is based at The Carpenters Arms rehabilitation Unit in Loughborough, started five years ago and was initially giving out 12 food parcels a week, now that figure is over 200.

Thanks to the generosity of local people the charity can provide food to those who need it Credit: ITV Central

They're managing to give everyone who asks for food, a parcel with fruit, vegetables, tins and bread, thanks to the generosity of local people, businesses and churches, but Manager Judith Spence says every week is a struggle.

Everything they're given is usually given away in a couple of days, with nothing left over for the following week.

Everything they are donated is usually given away in a couple of days Credit: ITV Central

Increasingly she says its families who are using the food bank because they cant afford the price of food, or single people who have lost their job and are waiting for their benefit claim to be processed.

The parcels are handed out every tuesday and thursday, from 2pm.

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