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It's starting to feel very autumnal

Feeling autumnal Photo: William Round, Coventry

Let’s cast an eye back over September.

We have statistics up to 26th and it was pretty decent up to the 23rd - fine and unseasonably warm with 143 hours of sunshine, that’s 8% more than the average for the whole of the month.

Then on the 24th & 25th , in came the lowest low for thirty years which brought all the rain and localized flooding. The whole of the Midlands received 81.2mm rain up to 26th September, giving us 23% more than the whole of the monthly average for rainfall… and there’s more to add to this cumulative total once we’ve tallied in the last 4 days.

Flooding in Slash Lane, Sileby Credit: Syd Spence, Loughborough

So we see that it was only the last week of September that really pulled up those rainfall totals.

Showers due later Credit: ITV Central

For the rest of today, the first day of October, it will continue bright and breezy, odd showers clipping the N & W of the Midlands, cloudier further S & E. Highs around 16c 61f.

This evening, clear, any showers dying away. It should be dry overnight, lows 7c 45f, lively winds.