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MP Keith Vaz says cash was from house sale

The Leicester East MP Keith Vaz has denied any wrongdoing Photo: PA

The Leicester East MP Keith Vaz has denied any wrongdoing in connnection with allegations in a national newspaper that large payments to his personal bank accounts were 'suspicious'.

It relates to a secret police inquiry into the Labour MP's finances more than ten years ago.

The Daily Telegraph say he received substantial payments that were not declared in the register of MPs interests.

On his website the MP says 'my finances were discussed by every newspaper in the country for three years and were the subject of extensive examination, I've had no outside interests. " he concludes " the payments were not suspicious"

Meanwhile the Conservative MP for North West Leicestershire Andrew Bridgen had written to the current commissioner for parliamentary standards asking for a fresh investigation.

He is calling on Mr Vaz to step down from his position as Chair of the Home Affairs Committee.

Keith Vaz says the large payments he received were part of a house sale and that there is no need for any inquiry into his personal affairs.

He says “All the properties I own are in the register. All properties and rent received has been declared.”

Meanwhile delegates at the labour conference are focussing on their leader's keynote speech today.

Ed Miliband will make references to his life as the son of a refugee proud to have attended a comprehensive school.

His aim is to convince midlands voters that he is a Prime Minister in waiting .

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