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Prison death inquest of suspected killer of Birmingham couple

Avtar Kolar and his wife Carole were found dead at their home Photo: ITV Central

A jury will decide if staff at a prison could have prevented the death of an inmate charged with the murders of a couple in Birmingham.

Rimvydas Liorancas was awaiting trial in HMP Woodhill in Milton Keynes for the murder of Carole and Avtar Kolar, who were found bludgeoned to death at their home in Handsworth Wood on January 11th.

Police investigation the scene at Handsworth Wood Credit: ITV Central

The bodies of Mr and Mrs Kolar were discovered by their son, a serving policeman.

They'd been attacked with a lump hammer.

Liorancas was arrested and charged after a high profile investigation by West Midlands Police, but was found hanged in his cell on January 28th.

Mrs. Elizabeth Grey, Deputy Coroner for Milton Keynes, reminded the jury that the inquest into the suspect's death is not a criminal trial and its only purpose is to establish who died, where, when and how.

She also said a key question throughout the three day inquest would be whether staff at HMP Woodhill took sufficient care of Liorancas and took sufficient steps to prevent him from dying.

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