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Shropshire woman claims she was abused by former TV Presenter Jimmy Savile

Sir Jimmy Savile after he received a commemorative badge from Prime Minister Gordon Brown in London for his work as a 'Bevin Boy' Photo: PA

A woman in Shropshire has claimed she was sexually abused by Sir Jimmy Savile and saw Gary Glitter "have sex with a girl" in the Jim'll Fix It host's dressing room.

It's while Karin Ward, who now lives in Oswestry, attended the Duncroft Approve School in Surrey in the 1970s- a Home Office control Approved School for 'intelligent, emotionally disturbed girls'.

Karin, who has waived her anonymity, said that she was abused by Saville in his car after he promised to take her and other girls to London to be on his BBC television show.

She spoke to Mark Williams-Thomas who features in the documentary Exposure: The Other Side of Jimmy Savile which will air on ITV1 at 11.10pm tonight.

Mrs Ward said she was interviewed for BBC's Newsnight programme, which was never aired.

In the interview she said she saw Gary Glitter "have sex with a girl" in the Jim'll Fix It host's dressing room.

Fresh claims have emerged about rock star Gary Glitter Credit: PA

The BBC has defended its decision not to run the programme, denying a cover up.

Peter Rippon, Editor of BBC's Newsnight has said the decision not to run a story on Sir Jimmy Savile's sexual abuse claims were 'editorial'.

It has been suggested I was ordered to do it by my bosses as part of a BBC cover-up. It has also been suggested that we deliberately withheld information from the police. Both these allegations are totally untrue.

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