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Top Goose Fair Facts

Goose Fair 1990 Photo: PA Pictures
  • Nobody knows where the Goose Fair got its name but legend has it it comes from the time when hundreds of geese were driven to Nottingham to be sold
  • The Goose Fair was first mentioned in the Nottingham Borough Records of 1541
  • The fair was cancelled during the plague in 1646 and during the two World Wars.
  • The original purpose of Nottingham's autumn fair was trade and for many years it enjoyed a reputation for its cheese!
  • The first Merry Go Rounds appeared at the Goose Fair in the 1800's but they were promptly banned by the Town Council
  • The first parachute jump made in Nottingham was from a balloon over Wollaton Park as part of the Goose Fair attractions in 1888
  • The fair was originally held in the Great Market Place in front of the Exchange but was moved in the 1920's. 12,000 people protested about the move at a public meeting.

Information from Nottingham City Council

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