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Excitement at Bear Grylls visit

Bear Grylls visit Scouts from across the Midlands Photo: PA

Chief Scout and star of the hit TV show 'Man vs Wild', Bear Grylls, is to visit up to 4,500 Scouts from Warwickshire and Solihull at Stoneleigh Park for their largest ever activity day.

The youngest ever appointed Chief Scout, Grylls, is visiting to encourage more adults to volunteer for Scouting and celebrate the importance of the role in the West Midlands.

More than 1,000 adult volunteers from Warwickshire will be taking part in leading the activities on what is known as 'Bear Day', which has been almost a year in the planning.

Activites include global challenges, Chinese dragon and Bhangra dancing as well as a fire-lighting challenge against the clock.

This has very much been a team effort, a group of Scouters from across Warwickshire & Solihull have come together to make sure we give the many thousands of young people attending a fantastic adventure. As well as experiencing a brilliant range of activities, Bear Day will also be a chance to meet and make new friends.

– Jo-ann Bramston, Warwick Scouter


  • Grew up in Donaghadee, Northern Ireland before moving to Bernbridge on the Isle of Wight at the age of four.
  • After leaving school, joined the British Army and served in the United Kingdom Special Forces Reserve for 3 years until 1996.
  • 1996 - suffered a freefall parachuting accident in Zambia after his canopy ripped at 4,900 metres (16,000 ft) causing him to fall and land on his parachute pack on his back, which partially crushed three vertebrae.
  • 16 May 1998 - Achieved his childhood dream of entering the Guinness World Records as the youngest Briton, at 23, to climb Mount Everest.
  • 2000 - led the first team to circumnavigate the UK on a personal watercraft or jet ski, taking about 30 days.
  • 2003 - first unassisted crossing of the north Atlantic Arctic Ocean, in an open rigid inflatable boat.
  • 2005 - led the first team ever to attempt to paramotor over the remote jungle plateau of the Angel Falls in Venezuela, the world's highest waterfall.
  • 2005 - created a world record for the highest open-air formal dinner party, under a hot-air balloon at 7,600 metres.
  • 2008 - led a team of four to climb one of the most remote unclimbed peaks in the world in Antarctica.
  • 2008 - set a world record for the longest continuous indoor freefall.
  • Has written a number of books which have reached the top 10 UK best sellers list as well as an autobiography.
  • Hosted Man vs Wild which shows people how to survive in difficult conditions, reaches a reported audience of more than 1.2 billion people, the show runs until March 2012.
  • 2009 - appointed the youngest ever Chief Scout by the Scouts Association.