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Police 'protest' expected outside Conservative Party conference

Police federation members are to protest against Government cuts on policing and the Andrew Mitchell 'plebgate' affair Photo: PA

Police federation members from across the Midlands are expected to protest outside the Conservative Party Conference later today (9 October) as Home Secretary Theresa makes her speech.

They are angry about the impact of Government cuts of 20% on policing and the recent confrontation between Sutton Coldfield MP Andrew Mitchell and Downing Street Police officers. It is alleged the Chief Whip called officers 'plebs' as well as swearing at them.

Andrew Mitchell has agreed to meet members of Midlands police federations Credit: PA

Mr Mitchell has already agreed to meet with representatives of the Warwickshire, West Mercia and West Midlands Police Federations to discuss the alleged comments among other issues later this week.

The police federation have created a poster opposite The ICC which carries the slogan "Say hello to Dave, say goodbye to your police service" over a picture of Prime Minister David Cameron. Officers have also been wearing 'PC Pleb' t-shirts.

Police have put posters up opposite The ICC Credit: PA

Home Secretary Theresa May has denied that police are being singled out for cuts and says 'every part of the public sector must take their share of the pain.'

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