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Mostly dry today, umbrella weather tomorrow!

Wet and windy weather expected for tomorrow Photo: ITV Central


We don't have a bad day ahead of us it will be dry at least, but lacking in sunshine. The best of the brightness will be across Lincolnshire, elsewhere the cloud will build through the day. The winds will be light and temperatures will hit 14/15c...coat weather!


Tonight will start of dry for us all. The east will see some clearer breaks allowing temperatures to fall and it will feel quite chilly. Gradually the cloud will build from the south-west ahead of the rain tomorrow. The cloud acts like a blanket and will hold temperatures a little higher through the later part of the night. Most locations will remain dry all night the exception being parts of Herefordshire and Worcestershire well the rain will start to make an appearance.


Dig your brolly out for tomorrow. The rain will creep eastwards through the morning tomorrow giving the West Midlands a wet start to the day. The East Midlands will be dry through the morning but the rain will arrive by lunchtime. The wind will increase too as the rain spreads through. Expect a wet afternoon before the rain clears away eastwards tomorrow night. Temperatures tomorrow will be around 15c but it will feel cooler in the wind and rain.

Rainfall expected tomorrow Credit: ITV Central


On Friday expect rain at first across Lincolnshire that will quickly clear. Generally it will be drier and brighter for us all but still breezy. Saturday will be a day of sunshine and showers and more showers or longer spells of rain expected on sunday.

The outlook for the weekend Credit: ITV Central