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Some showers, but generally fairly pleasant

Saturday morning will have some run to the north of the region Photo: ITV Central

Organised showers are currently blanketing the region and they will continue into the early hours. Lows 4 to 6 celsius.

Once the sun rises and dawn breaks, some of these showers linger through the North Midlands and generally there will just be alot of fair weather cloud around during the day.

One or two sharp showers in the North Midlands later. Very pleasant further south, decent temperatures, around average for the time of year, 12 or 13c, 54 or 55f. Some good sunshine.

Saturday afternoon will still have a few showers Credit: ITV Central

Skies clear overnight, the showers in the north dying away this evening and then - although there is still some uncertainty - Sunday looks very decent.

The low pressure which was in the frame to cause problems during the second part of the weekend looks set to pull away into France to leave us with a bright day, plenty of bright sunshine on Sunday. Chilly starts for both Sunday and Monday though, with some fog in places.

Outlook for the West Midlands Credit: ITV Central

Cloud and sunny spells on Monday.

Then on Tuesday, again some uncertainty, but a deep area of low pressure from Greenland will slowly draw across the UK bringing a fair amount of frontal cloud, especially during the second half of Tuesday. The timing is uncertain but it looks like turning increasingly wet late on Tuesday.

Outlook for the East Midlands Credit: ITV Central