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Thousands of cannabis plants in old Birmingham pub

The disused Birmingham pub was being used to harvest cannabis plants Photo: ITV Central

Two men and a 14-year-old boy have been charged after police found thousands of cannabis plants during a raid in a disused Birmingham pub.

Police say more than 2,000 plants along with equipment were seized from the Racecourse pub on Bromford Road, Bromford on Friday night.

The two men and boy have been charged with the production of a controlled drug.

This is the latest cannabis haul for West Midlands Police who set up a dedicated Drugs Investigation Team earlier this year.

With help from the public, they are currently uncovering around 10 large scale cannabis farms every week.

West Midlands Police have issued the following tips on how to spot a cannabis farm:

West Midlands Police are uncovering around 10 large scale cannabis farms every week. Credit: Met Police
  • The premises have blinds drawn during the day or windows permanently covered
  • It seems no one lives there but people visit for short periods of time
  • There may be a constant low buzzing noise emanating from the premises
  • There may be tubes sticking out from the windows or under roofing eaves
  • There may be strong smells coming from the building
  • Large amounts of fertiliser or empty packaging around the outside of the building
  • Evidence of tampering with wiring
  • Bright lights inside the building at irregular hours
  • Humidity inside the premises
  • Bags of vegetation left outside premises

If you think you have spotted a possible cannabis farm or have information on any other drug crime police advise you to contact local police on 101.