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Jury reaches verdict in plane crash inquiry

Five people, all from the Midlands were killed in August 2008 when two planes collided on approach to Coventry airport Photo: ITV Central

The jury has reached its verdicts in the case of five people who died in a crash between two planes over Warwickshire four years ago.

They concluded the accident happened because neither pilot saw the other or was unable to take evasive action in time.

The coroner said the jury had a hard task because the case was technically complicated.

The official report into the crash was concluded in 2010, but families of those who died have had to wait another two years until now for the inquest held here at the Warwickshire Justice Centre in Leamington Spa.

They include the parents of James Beagley who was 34 and from Warwick.

His family have set up a flying scholarship scheme to help young pilots in his memory.

James was working on board one of planes, a Cessna, with a team calibrating the landing guidance system at Coventry Airport, a mission that involved making three high-speed low-level passes over the runway without landing.

The inquest was told that on the day of the crash three planes approached the airport and were queuing to land around the same time.

Plane one approached from the south - it wasn't involved in the crash.

Brian Normanington's Rand plane approached on a similar flight path.

The Cessna carrying four of the victims was coming from the east.

Both were travelling at similar speeds. An investigation found it was likely Mr Normington's plane would have remained in a static position - obsured by the structure of the Cessna's cockpit glass - illustrated by the dot in the photo.

The report also found that because of ambiguous information passed to the Cessna the pilot would have thought the information they were being told about the Rand was actually referring to plane one.

The Cessna and the Rang collided at 120 miles an hour.

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