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Navratri celebrations get underway in Leicester

Navratri celebrations get underway in Leicester Photo: ITV Central

Hindus in Leicester and across the Midlands have started celebrating the festival of Navratri.

The word "Navratri" literally means "nine nights", which is how long the festival lasts.

Navratri celebrates the goddess Durga in her different incarnations Credit: ITV Central

It symbolises the triumph of good over evil, as well as celebrating the goddess Durga, in her many different incarnations.

Durga is a symbol of strength and power. The goddess is often depicted carrying weapons and riding a tiger, preparing to battle or slay demons.

Traditional prayers (aarti) are said before traditional dances commence known as raas and garba Credit: ITV Central

Yesterday (16 October) was the first night of the festival. Devotees, including those at the Sri Bardai Brahmin Samaj in Leicester, gathered at community halls to perform prayers, known as the aarti, before taking part in traditional dances, known as raas and garba.