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Conservative Party Conference costs Police £500,000

David Cameron at the Tory Conference in Birmingham. Photo: PA

West Midlands Police Federation has criticised plans to charge the Police half a million pounds to cover the Conservative Party Conference in Birmingham.

There used to be a national pot of money, known as the 'Special Grant', to pay for extra resources.

The Home Office says it can now only fund 85% of the costs. This means council tax payers face the remaining 15% of charges.

They'll also have to pay towards last year's Liberal Democrat Conference policing.

The West Midlands Police Authority has confirmed it has written to the Government asking for a rethink.

The news comes as West Midlands Police looks to cut 1,000 police officer jobs by 2015.

Business leaders say the conference brought £16.5 million to the local economy with the 13,500 delegates using local restaurants, shops and hotels.

It was a national event and it should be funded nationally. Instead, we have to cough up half a million pounds when were already being forced to make massive cuts.

– Bob Jones, Labours candidate for Police and Crime commissioner, West Mildands