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Professional USA soccer player swaps his boots for a life of science in Leicester

Zak Boggs, center, wants to find a cure for cancer Photo: PA

He could be a poster boy for American Soccer, but instead 25-year-old Zak Boggs has turned his back on a career in professional football, to concentrate on finding cures for cancers.

He's been awarded the prestigious Fulbright Scholarship to study and train at Leicester University's Department of Biochemistry.

The scholarship is one of the most prized in the academic world.

Former recipients have gone on to win the Nobel Prize, Puillitzer Prize or become heads of state.

In his former life, just a few short weeks ago, Zak was a professional football player for New England Revolution in Massachusetts, and regularly played in Major League Soccer Games.

Last year he was named Humanitarian of the Year in recognition of his voluntary cancer research work at Boston Children's Hospital. It was while he was there that he decided to apply for the Fulbright Scholarship.

Although medicine is now his main focus he still wants to play football at some level.

After all he made his debut playing against David Beckham's LA Galaxy, and is now hoping a local side will want to take him on.