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Cold wet Spring causes shortage of conkers in Warwickshire

The wet weather has affected conker supplies in Warwickshire this year Photo: PA

This year's wet weather has been unavoidable in the Midlands, and now it's affecting the region's conker supplies.

According to Warwickshire County Council, the cold and wet conditions seen this spring, have had a direct effect on the traditional Autumn plant.

“The wet start to the year has had a severe impact, and this is coupled with many of our common horse chestnuts suffering attack from a range of pests and diseases, namely bacterial bleeding canker, leaf miner and leaf blotch."

– Ken Simons, Warwickshire County Council’s County Forestry Officer
This year’s conkers collected from a healthy tree and severely stressed tree by Warwickshire County Council Credit: Warwickshire County Council

Because of the disappointing spring weather, insects which pollinate the horse chestnut trees, that produce conkers, were not around.

Many of the flowers attracting these insects were also lost due to the heavy rain.

"What conkers there are this year will be generally small and sparsely distributed.

"The loss of these trees will have a significant impact throughout Warwickshire as many were planted in highly visible locations and as memorial trees."

– Ken Simons, Warwickshire County Council’s County Forestry Officer