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Rubik's Cube Championship comes to Leicester

Competitors taking place in Rubik's Cube Championship Photo: ITV Central

Around 100 'Speedcubers' from nine countries are competing in the UK Open 2012 Speedcubing Championship this weekend at the University of Leicester.

The participants – including potential world record setters – are competing in a number of different events, including one-handed and blindfolded speedcubing.

The cube has 43 quintillion possible combinations, which contestants must solve in a matter of seconds in order to beat their opponent.

The current world record for a 3x3x3 cube is 5.66 seconds, which was set by 16-year-old Australian speedcubing champion Feliks Zemdegs.

The video below shows the speed in which speedcubers attending the University of Leicester can solve the Rubik's Cube.